Planed activities from all Nations in 2016

1.Winter Military Skills Competition 2016 (FINLAND) Rezultat iskanja slik za finland reserve national association

Dear Colleagues,

We are arranging every winter "Winter Military Skills Competition" here in Finland. This year (2016) competition will execute here in my home village Liperi

Time for competition: March 5th and 6th, 2016,

Team: 3 - 5 persons, open for all ranks

Language: Finnish, but organisation will set up English speaking person for each international team.

Partisipation fee: 155 € / team

Registration: Not later than February 15th, 2016

Route and tasks:
Competition includes a mandatory route section, as well as some optional controls. A travel distance of approximately 35 km, with the optional controls trip will be more than 40 km. A compulsory section of the route is the task points related to military information and - skills, orienteering and map apart, first aid and civil protection activities.

Team amenities:
The team will be accompanied by the required equipments like food, cooking and eating equipment, dark navigational tools, mobile phone and clothing to suit to the weather.

The organizer distributes amenities
Sleeping bags and sleeping pads come on behalf of the organizers, accommodation takes place on behalf of the organizer, but the use of own tent or similar is permitted. Team or personal mandatory equipment is told separately not later than 2 weeks prior to competition.

Not included: Travelling costs and accommodation before and after competition. We will help to make reservations for reasonable price.

Please forward this email to your colleagues. For more information, please contact me.

With best regards,

Ilpo Pohjola
CISOR Vice President Finland
Selkärannantie 26 A
83100 LIPERI
tel. +358400182700