The fourth event of the Finnish CISOR presidency was held in Lappeenranta from October 5th to 8th 2017.

In addition to attending the Central Committee meeting, the delegates had the opportunity to attend a combat lifesaver training at the Army Academy and to accompany the Finnish border guards for a walk along the Russian border. For this meeting, the delegates were joined by observers from Canada and Estonia.

Danish delegate John Krøyer discussing the situation of Hans island with Canadian observer David Arsenault.


Canadian observer David Snyder awaits the begining of the Army Academy's presentation.


Estonian observer Ott Aarma standing besides the Nuijamaa border station with Slovenian VP Tomaž Lavtižar.


Delegates going on patrol along the Russian border.


Estonian observer Ott Aarma making a presentation about the Estonian reserve.


Instructors Jose Saborit Parjanen and Hanna Perälä from the South-East Finland MPK district begin their combat lifesaver training by telling the delegates about the content of a typical Finnish individual first aid kit (IFAK).


Belgian VP Michel d'Alessandro presenting the framework for a Belgian-lead multinational presidency of CISOR.


The Finnish presidency team posing with our Canadian observers.

Photos and text:  Martin-Éric Racine