The second event of the Finnish CISOR presidency was held in Sodankylä from February 9th to 12th 2017.

In addition to attending the Central Committee meeting, the delegates had the opportunity to witness elements of the Jaeger Brigade's arctic combat training, as well as the conscripts' swearing-in ceremony.

After a raising of the flag to Lapland's dark winter morning, delegates gather for a group photo in front of the Joutselän memorial monument.

Delegates seated for the Central Committee meeting's first session. CISOR's very cheerful president Ilpo Pohjola smiles for the camera.

Delegates await the start of a ski patrol combat demonstration.

Conscripts from the Jaeger brigade respond to a simulated ambush during their ski patrol demonstration. CISOR delegates were brought to the demonstration inside snowmobiles similar to the one providing machine gun support to the ski patrol.

Staff members of the Jaeger brigade demonstrate their skiing skills by racing around an obstacle course.

Members of the local Sámi population welcomed the delegation to a traditional kota house.  Their shaman greets the delegation with his impressive pyrotechnic juggling.

Netherlands' technical delegate Chantal De Geus-de Cock and chairman of the Legal committee Annukka Jokipii discuss the finer points of Leopard 2A4 driving with a staff member of the Jaeger brigade.

The Jaeger brigade's commander, colonel Antti Lehtisalo, inspects the conscripts before they swear their oath to defend the Finnish homeland.

The delegates stand guard as conscripts are being sworn in.

During the gala diner, members of the Finnish presidency are granted rewards by the Vice-President of the Polish delegation Michał Bardasz.

Photos and text:  Martin-Éric Racine