The Fédération Nationale des Associations de Sous-Officiers de Réserve (FNASOR) was founded under the law of 1 July 1901, in March 1932 by General NIESSEL.


He assured the Presidency until 1950. Since 1982, it is chaired by a non-commissioned officer or a reserve petty officer.


Its members are issue from the four armies: Gendarmerie, Land, Air, Sea and common services. This corresponds to the articulation of the forces engaged in the current conflicts where the interactivity of the different armies is an imperative condition for the success of the missions.



Strong to its 180 associations distributed throughout the territory, including the overseas departments, but also Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, it is composed of 8000 reserve non-commissioned officers, from a national service, integrated into all socio-professional community.



The FNASOR was the initiator of the creation of AESOR in 1963.


Until 1999, the FNASOR mission was to recruit and educate reserve non-commissioned officers at the end of their national service, to keep in condition and facilitate their development in the frameworks.


Since October 22, 1999, following the law regulating the operational and citizen reserve, she has for mission:



· Assist in recruiting for the benefit of professional Armies, the operational Reserve and the citizen Reserve,

· To maintain the link Army - Nation,

· Create and maintain the spirit of defense,

· Support the armies and assist in the conversion of the personal end-of-contract or career,

· Participate in the duty to remember.



Since February 3, 2012, the FNASOR took the Presidency of CISOR for the fifth time.