The presidency of CISOR is assumed for two consecutive years in rotation by each of the associations representing the member nations. The president of the national

association therefore assumes the presidency of CISOR.





The administrative and executive bodies of CISOR are:

  • The Central Committee, which constitutes the General Assembly and is the first body of CISOR.
  • The Central Office, which is the executive and administrative body of CISOR.
  • The Technical Committee, which is responsible for military training and competitions.
  • The Commission for Legal Affairs which is responsible for internal regulations and protocols.  This Commission also acts as the guardians of the statutes and is a focal point for international cooperation efforts.

The Central Committee studies and approves the reports on activities proposed by the president and the Central Office. The Central Committee gathers at least two times per year upon request of the current president.


The Central Office is made up of those members of the nation in Presidency as outlined below:

  • The President of the national Association, who takes over the presidency, or his accredited representative.
  • The Secretary General.
  • The Treasurer General.
  • The Technical Delegate, who organizes the sport competitions.
  • The representatives of the several commissions or workgroups gathered by the President, or a sufficient number of delegates according to the needs and circumstances.

The functions of the Technical Committee are:

  • Organising the military sport competitions and other events of a military nature.
  • Gathering all the technical delegates of the member countries.

The Treasurer General is responsible for the financial accounts of the association during the presidency period, at the end of which the following final documents are produced:

  • An operating account.
  • The results obtained.
  • The budget.

Each delegation from a member national association is made up of a delegation leader, who is a vice-president of CISOR, the national president of his association or his accredited representative), the national secretary and the technical delegate or their accredited representatives.


CISOR has two official languages:

  1. English
  2. French

Statutes: In the event of translation difficulties or discrepancies, the text drafted in the French language shall be the valid one.

Each member of a national association must be a Reserve NCO's and shall express himself/herself in official languages.